Travels on the Edge: One Woman’s Journeys on a Runaway Planet

In this collection, MJ Pramik shares stories of adventure and personal evolution against the backdrop of the current climate crisis. These essays and poems reflect upon two decades of journeys around the globe, offering wisdom for developing a conscious mind for sustainable travel as our planet’s catastrophic transformations come to the fore. Today, MJ begins each new expedition prepared for interruption by some radical encounter – whether it be war, extreme weather, drought, a pandemic…or simply major flight cancellations. She meets each of these challenges with a grateful excitement and renewed dedication to further care for this planet.

Readers of this anthology are encouraged to become ethical travelers themselves, turning their focus towards honoring the far corners of the earth even as storm clouds hover above us.

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“What a wonderful book! MJ Pramik writes with the keen perception of a journalist, the rhythm of a storyteller, and the heart of a poet. From Irish pubs to the steppes of Mongolia, she beautifully marbles the joy and wonder of travel with a clear view of the perils facing our planet. Travels on the Edge is more than a collection of fascinating tales; it’s an inspiration to travel wisely, with our eyes wide open.”

—Jeff Greenwald, author of The Size of the World & co-founder of Ethical Traveler

“This wondrous collection of travel experiences will leave you with deeper understandings of our fragile earth, informed by M.J. Pramik’s deep reading in science and literature, her sincere affection for the people she meets, and willingness to use her personal fears, proclivities, and family history as mirrors of the new landscapes she describes with so much precision.”

—Mary Jo McConahay, Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year & author Maya Roads

“MJ Pramik’s enlightening collection invites us into lusciously evoked scenes of life all over the globe, and presents astonishing climate facts along with powerful poetry that evokes a new awareness of both the fragility and incredible vigor of the earth. Our planet, Pramik writes, “heals wounds, expands awareness, forges friendships, and engenders faith” in our future. Pramik inspires a deep appreciation and hope for the Earth.”

—Erin Byrne, author Wings, Gifts of Art, Life, and Travel in France

About the Author

MJ (Mary Jean) Pramik has hitchhiked across the United States, tallied sharp-taloned vultures in Mongolia, tagged and released leopard catsharks off the coast of South Africa, and deflected bill collectors in San Francisco. MJ focuses her writing on the effects of travel on climate change. Her articles, essays, and poems have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Good Housekeeping, and over a dozen travel anthologies, winning several Solas Travel Writing awards.