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Growing up in coal country, I experienced firsthand the deleterious and toxic effects of burning carbon. I inhaled sulfur released by the smoke spiraling out of the chimney of my family home. We canned and dined on vegetables contaminated by DDT. I write about these experiences in the hope I can reverse some of the effects of climate change and inspire the next generation to work to ensure this planet and all its species survive and thrive.

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5 Things You Can Do NOW! to Subtract CO2 and Reverse Climate Change

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Dear Earth

An Invitation to Fall in Love with the Earth

By MJ Pramik on August 18, 2014

A lover’s quarrel, we all have had at least one of these. We live with and on Planet Earth. We intimately affect its system every present moment. Humans rattle the planet a thousand times more critically than the animals and plants with whom we share the terra firma. Our effects ...

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Princess Cruises Celebrates Science for Young Passengers

By MJ Pramik on July 20, 2017


  Princess Cruises, partnering with Discovery Consumer Products, celebrated the opening of their new Camp Discovery on the Grand Princess docked in San Francisco Pier ...

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G.E.M. of Egypt: Novel-in-Progress

By MJ Pramik on November 20, 2014

GEM of Egypt is a novel about a Polish family caught up in the first wave of Eastern European immigrants to America in the late ...

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Parahawking in Nepal

To Oldly Go: Seeing the World Anew at Sixty (Parahawking in Nepal)

Published in: To Oldly Go: Tales of Adventurous Travel by the Over-60s On: November 2015 When I hit sixty, my eldest daughter said, “Sixty is the new forty.” These words spawned in me ...

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My Greek Ancestors

"I am the only Greek in my family.The fishing net draped across the front entry adds a definitive new leitmotif to my San Francisco Edwardian home. The building has a ...

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Protein and Peptide Delivery

"Last month, Genentech, Inc. (S. San Francisco) and Alkermes, Inc. (Cambridge, MA) reported positive results of their Phase III multi-center trial of Nutopin Depot, the first long-acting form of recombinant ...

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