To Oldly Go: Seeing the World Anew at Sixty (Parahawking in Nepal)

Published in: To Oldly Go: Tales of Adventurous Travel by the Over-60s On: November 2015 When I hit sixty, my eldest daughter said, “Sixty is the new forty.” These words spawned in me a wanderlust the likes of which I couldn’t believe, and weeks after my birthday I challenged myself to go alone to Antarctica. After cavorting with […]

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Implanted cow cells ease the pain

Published in: New Scientist On: August 3, 1996 “Doctors in Switzerland have helped to relieve the pain of six terminally ill patients by implanting live cultured cells from the adrenal glands of cows into their spines. The cells produce a cocktail of natural painkillers, which may cause fewer side effects than drugs such as morphine. […]

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