Field Notes: Travel in Times of Catastrophic Change

Field Notes: Travel in Times of Catastrophic Change is a travel blog dedicated to impressions from my world travels throughout this wondrous planet during these perilous and astonishing times.

Princess Cruises Celebrates Science for Young Passengers

  Princess Cruises, partnering with Discovery Consumer Products, celebrated the opening of their new Camp Discovery on the Grand Princess docked in San Francisco Pier 27 on Monday.    

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Shark Watch: Citizen Scientist as Ethical Traveler

The pool has dried up, and the fish is in trouble. South African Proverb   Fish indeed are in trouble and so are elasmobranchs—the fancy scientific word for sharks. According to, 11,417 sharks are killed every hour. Shark finning (clipping the fin off a small shark for shark fin soup, then dumping the fatally […]

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Shoe Money: The Price of Admission

“You must give him twenty-five rupees to guard your shoes while you view the Avukana Buddha. You can pay for my shoes as well.” “But, Shirly, there’s no one visiting the Buddha but you and me, and that young fellow far off with the umbrella.” I sputtered under the thick drizzle. My protest that only […]

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Climate Change Hits the Himalayas

Jarred by the 13 or more Sherpa deaths in Mt. Everest avalanches in April 2014 and the over 40 trekkers perishing during the following October, I made a pilgrimage to the Annapurnas in central Nepal to ask why. Why this sudden change, why so many family catastrophes in one year? Sherpa is a family name […]

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Game-changing Travel

Travelers these days often meet with “unseasonal” rains, floods, drought, hurricanes, animal migrations, and more as we move about the globe. Sudden stories abound about dramas of climate change affecting creatures with whom we share this planet (See walruses’ plight, sidebar).

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“Nepal’s Best Writing Town” published in REPUBLICA

Leading Nepalese newspaper REPUBLICA has published an article written by my travel writers collective after our recent trip to Bandipur, Nepal. From REPUBLICA: “‘Come back, come back! The Inn is here!” Ram, Innkeeper of The Old Inn, chases after me in the fog. He has been waiting for me with hot chia, crisp pakoras, and a […]

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