Flamenco!Life lover adores long walks on beaches, abhors mosquito bites, and attempts the salsa. Mary Jean Pramik, a coalminer’s daughter and a great, great granddaughter of the Mongolian plane, has often coveted the free-spirit control of dancing in the wild, yet has spent most of her life keeping a safe distance from such experiences. She has hitch-hiked across the United States, tracked May Apples in Ohio, chased children through wet mountains of Marin, fended off bill collectors in tropical San Francisco, and counted sharp-taloned dead birds along Point Reyes sands in northern California. Communicating with hoards of screeching penguins in Antarctica remains a high point in her sojourn on this planet.  MJ Pramik earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees in biological sciences, and completed her MFA in Writing.  She moonlights as a medical writer, penning such scientific thrillers as Norenthindrone. The First Three Decades, the fast-paced history of the first birth control pill extracted from a Mexican yam. Winner of the coveted Mary Womer Medal, MJ Pramik’s articles and essays have appeared in Nature Biotechnology, Drug Topics, and Cosmetic Surgery News, and mainstream publications such as Good Housekeeping, Odyssey, and the National Enquirer.  She has contributed to the “Venturing in” travel series on the Canal du Midi, Southern Greece, Southern Ireland, and Puglia, Italy.  She has won two Solas Travel Writing awards for essays about the discoveries about self and the world.

As an independent, sole operator of a medical communications group, she continues writing in the biopharmaceutical world (except during 2008-2009 when the United States banker fraud-caused the economic crash). Having a small business enables her to recoup losses and follow her passions for literary writing, travel (and writing), ecological activism and family.  She is of the opinion that it’s best to be self-employed, to depend on one’s self in doing her work since the corporate world changes daily and cares nothing for the individual.  She plans to transition to more full-time world enlightening writing in the next segment of her 150 years.

She found easy transition between the happy energy required to “raise” three children.  A single parent during their teenage years presented major challenges, material for at least three books.  Educating three charming humans continues: the three siblings are all artists (dancer, actor/writer, and musician) love and care for each other.  Parenting good people cares for the environment in that teaching one’s children to leave a light footprint on the earth allows all to continue enjoying this life.